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The Older Adults Network

Project Coordinators

Diane Whittaker,

Clay Melnike,

Brian Woodhouse,
Fitness Specialist

Project Overview

The Older Adults Network of Activate Aurora is a group of practitioners and stakeholders who are interested in supporting the development and maintenance of fitness, activity and wellness for older adults in Aurora.  Diane Whittaker & Clay Melnike are the coordinators of Activate Aurora’s Older Adult Network, with assistance from Brian Woodhouse, Fitness Specialist. 

The mandate of the Network, established in fall of 2016, is to support and promote events by its members and others in the community related to fitness, activity and wellness for older adults.

Meetings are hosted on a rotating basis by members and are held 4 to 5 times a year, and on an ad-hoc basis as needed.

Recent events/initiatives by members include:

In 2018, in addition to continuing these projects, members of the Network are working on:

The Network welcomes any interested practitioners and stakeholders.

For more information, contact Clay Melnike at [email protected]..